Even Pay

Loudon Utilities offers budget billing to help you better plan and manage your finances. You can replace fluctuating power costs with a series of equal, predictable power bills each month. To enroll, complete the Even Pay Enrollment Form and return it to LUB.

**Forms are only processed during the month of May each year. **

How it works:

Beginning with the month of June, Loudon Utilities averages your utility usage for the previous 12 months and calculates a monthly payment. This means your payment is the same amount each month, even though you’re using more heat or air conditioning. Meter readings are still done each month to accurately assess your usage. At the end of the 12-month cycle, we’ll compare the total amount you paid over the course of the year with the amount of power you actually used. Any balance due (or refund) is settled in June of the next year.

For more information, call our customer service department at 865-458-7523.