Loudon Utilities is proud to introduce its new UtiliWise program, which begins with an Advanced Metering Infrastructure or “AMI” meter upgrade for all customers. As both a municipal utility and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) affiliate, the utility strives to maintain customer satisfaction as its highest priority. This upgrade will allow Loudon Utilities to exceed customer expectations, increase utility-wide efficiencies and more.

Since our inception in 1939, our meter reading practice, like most utilities, has not changed much over the years. In a digital era, we find that many technology developments have helped us become more productive and efficient. Consider the convenience that smart phones and computers provide when accessing information or performing daily tasks.  Now we can add innovation in utility metering to the list as well.

How AMI Works

From installation to operations, AMI is a beneficial but simple process. It can be summed up in the following steps:

  1. The Meter – Loudon Utilities customers receive the AMI meters.
  2. Communications Network – The AMI meters deliver usage information securely over a radio network to the utility’s office. 
  3. Loudon Utilities’ Office – Loudon Utilities remotely receives meter readings needed for billing from the AMI meters. The utility also receives important alerts, which allows for a faster response to service disruptions and customer questions.

Customer Benefits

The UtiliWise program will benefit customers of Loudon Utilities in several ways:

  • Convenience -  Customers can expect fewer visits from utility personnel as routine meter reading activities will be done remotely. 
  • Accuracy – New AMI meters are extremely accurate and make the billing process more efficient. In fact, meter reading cycles will occur on a consistent basis for all electric, water and gas services. Additionally, customer water usage will be measured down to the gallon rather than hundreds of gallons. 
  • Speed – Near-real time notifications on outages, leaks and other issues enables Loudon Utilities to address customer concerns faster than ever.
  • Information – Modern metering infrastructure enables the utility to answer customer questions more effectively. These upgrades will also allow for new customer service offerings in the future.

Meter Upgrade Process

Customers will receive a letter from Loudon Utilities ahead of their scheduled meter installation date with information on what to expect.

On the day of your meter upgrade, the meter installer will attempt to notify you before beginning work. The electric, water and gas meter exchanges will take approximately 15-minutes each under normal conditions and may cause a brief interruption in service. The installer will also leave a door hanger behind upon completion.

Our certified contractor, Utility Meter Services (UMS), and Loudon Utilities staff will upgrade all customer meters. The installers will be dressed in uniform and have a Loudon-approved ID badge. All vehicles will also have signage from the company.

Frequently Asked Questions